Smiling with veneers

Amazing results can be achieved in terms of beautiful natural white teeth with 4Ever-WhiteVeneers. Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic veneers that are used for correcting inversions, closing gaps or lightening tooth colour, if the desired result cannot be achieved with bleaching. The up to 0.3 mm thin, high-quality veneers are placed onto the surface of the teeth which are visible when you smile, using a special adhesive. In most cases, this can occur without the teeth having to be filed down. This is why the high quality 4Ever-White Veneers are also known as Non-Prep Veneers. The result: a radiant and beautiful smile of success. Besides: there are no costly temporary appliances in this case as the 4Ever-White Veneers are produced in the practice and fitted during the same appointment. Thanks to our amazing computer simulation, you can already see the result that’s possible beforehand.

Permanent cosmetic corrections are possible

4Ever-White Veneers are multi-facetted when it comes to dental aesthetics. Painless, quick and fixed to be permanently durable, the ceramic veneers correct dental fractures or teeth that are slightly out of place. Teeth that are too small can easily be increased in size. Discoloured teeth are permanently whitened. And rough tooth surfaces become smooth and even thanks to the sophisticated veneers. So-called black triangles, which emerge as the result of gum recession, can be covered over with 4Ever-White Veneers. That’s why a veneer treatment belongs to the most important methods used in dental aesthetics or dental cosmetics today and has been successfully used for over 20 years.

Veneers – the benefits for you at a glance:

  • 4Ever-White Veneers correct colour, discrepancies, gaps and the shape of the tooth
  • 4Ever-White Veneers optimise the line of your smile creating a harmonious dental arch
  • 4Ever-White Veneers are painlessly applied in one sitting
  • 4Ever-White Veneers are as individual and unique as your fingerprint thanks to a detailed aesthetic analysis
  • 4Ever-White Veneers are permanently stable in terms of colour and teeth appear natural and vital through their transparency and brilliance
  • 4Ever-White Veneers lend freshness and youth to your smile

Veneers – suitable for me?

We develop a completely individual treatment concept for you, which is specially tailored to your dental situation. Old crowns, bridges or other dentures are considered. Our veneers can also be applied to crowns and bridges, if they are still intact. Even dentures are no obstacle. The practitioner will identify all the peculiarities during the free Aesthetic Analysis and provide you with the appropriate information Suggest solution. If you have yellow teeth, your teeth are crooked, too short, patchy or misshapen, veneers can help you to get a better quality of life. Generally for anyone who wants to beautify his smile, but with whitening and orthodontic measures can not achieve the desired success. Most commonly correct veneers:

  • Gaps to be closed
  • repair of malocclusions
  • too small teeth
  • gray, root-treated teeth
  • accident-damaged teeth
  • visible yellowed fillings
  • Color inclusions (white spots, dark fissures)
  • enamel abnormalities

Shelf life of veneers

Veneers according to the 4EVER-WHITE method are a long-lasting solution, and can last for many years if used and maintained properly. Studies have shown that within a period of 15 years, the loss of individual veneers is 3-5%. Please note that veneers used at a young age may need to be replaced in the course of life. It is extremely unlikely that a veneer will simply peel off like a false fingernail. It is too much connected by the special adhesive with the tooth substance. If the practitioner works with high-quality materials and takes care to ensure that they are properly inserted, this will not happen.

Can veneers break?

Yes, that can unfortunately happen. Decisive for a loss is in most cases the chewing behavior. A veneer connected to the tooth is just as hard-wearing as your natural tooth. Anything that would damage it (such as crunching, biting pins, cores, or other hard objects) would also hurt the veneer. Veneers, however, can not discolor. The 4EVER-WHITE ceramic is colorfast. However, your natural tooth can discolour with the time and enjoyment of coffee, red wine, nicotine, etc., from the inside and in the interstices. In order to preserve the color brilliance, regular (6-12 months) tooth cleaning and careful oral hygiene with dental floss are highly recommended. Otherwise, deposits and discoloration can also be deposited on the ceramic.

What veneers cost

We refrain from manufacturing in a third-party laboratory and the customer does not need a fee-based provisional until the date of installation more. Since the veneers are manufactured and used by us on the same day, we can pass the cost savings directly to you. Veneers are individual and artisan quality products. The exact price can be estimated by the dentist only after a detailed examination, since each person has a very individual starting situation and degree of difficulty. As it is an aesthetic benefit and not a medical necessity, veneers are usually not paid by health insurances.

The insertion of the veneers

Since our veneers are only up to 0.3 mm thin, there is no need to make room by grinding healthy tooth substance. They are placed on the existing tooth after being made to measure and reworked by hand. Since no healthy tooth substance is abraded, no syringe is used. The procedure is usually not painful.

What do I have to consider after inserting the veneers?

Oral hygiene is important for beautiful and healthy teeth, whether you have veneers or not. In order to enjoy your 4ever-white smile for a long time, in addition to the annual teeth cleaning you should also use dental floss daily in order to keep the interstices clean and to protect against decay and inflammation. After many years of experience in the manufacture and use of veneers, we can conclude that problems arise when patients put a lot of pressure on the teeth, crunch, or bite on hard objects (eg, bones, cores, pens, etc .). Assure your veneers only what your natural teeth would endure.