At the forefront of PST: Advanced Pinhole Clinician

Only 30 doctors worldwide can decorate themselves with the award Advanced Pinhole Clinician. One of them is Christian Bärenklau from Munich. Together with two other European colleagues, the dentist took part in the completely redesigned Pinholesurgical Technique (PST) Advanced Course – with the inventor of the method himself, Dr. med. John Chao from Los Angeles. There is no question that only the elite Pinholesurgicaltechnique users came to the two-day workshop in the US. Only those who have successfully completed at least or more than 50 “gum-lifting” cases have been allowed to participate in the competition. “A fantastic experience,” says PST pioneer Christian Bärenklau about the two-day workshop that took place in May – even if the in each case over twelve-hour compressed meetings “for all participants bone work” meant, as the Munich reports.

It was a colorful people from all over the world, who met Dr. John Chao had arrived – to name only a few examples – from Australia, Mongolia or Taiwan. As of June 2018, around 3,000 dentists worldwide are in charge of the Pinholesurgical Technique application. John Chao certified. The first 30, ie exactly one percent, belong now to the elite of advanced users.

Theory and Practice of Gum Lifting

What is such a training event? Bärenklau: “The Pinholesurgical Technique is an application that is constantly evolving or generating new experiences.” New experiences – that is concretely: new problems, such as a gum lifting after the correction of malocclusions or the application of PST in case of advanced gum loss -The-Job-Training was about completely completing an upper and a lower dental arch on each subject.The jury consisted of the respective colleagues, “everyone was allowed to critically examine and evaluate the other’s work,” says Bärenklau. In addition, all participants presented or discussed cases from their own portfolio, in which the application was successful or it came to complications after a “gum lift” with the Pinholesurgicaltechnique .In short, it went to deepening theory and practice of the “gum lifting” after the Pinholesurgicaltechnique of Dr. med. Chao.

PST and Practice Management

Christina Bärenklau was part of the team, responsible for practice and patient management. She also took a lot of new knowledge from the US, because “a PST treatment is always a very individual matter, which is not only dependent on the dental status of a patient, but also intervene in his everyday life.” Toothbrushing is one of Key words she mentions – after a gum lift, there are some rules of care to be followed, such as cost management – a pinholesurgical technique application is not subsidized by the fund – or appointment management and marketing issues. Innovative approach to gum rejuvenation, which is not yet known to the masses in its possibilities, “says Christina Bärenklau – and so it was necessary to carry knowledge and to dispel skeptical concerns against the many years proven, patented and many times successful method.

Pioneers in the field of Pinholesurgical Technique

As one of the first dentists worldwide, Christian Bärenklau learned about the newly conceived seminar – and used the “huge opportunity for in-depth expertise immediately.” Bärenklau, as a frequent user and pioneer in the field of PST, is in constant contact with Dr. John Chao. The inventor of PST had already invited him as a guest speaker to Los Angeles (we reported) .The Advanced Workshop sparked once more the fire for the PST in the dentist. “The PST is simply a great way to provide the patient comparatively fast, comparatively less pain and to effectively help with a cardinal dental problem.”