Consulting Quality

For us, the Bärenklau team, quality has many facets. On the path to natural, white, beautiful teeth, your initial appointment in our practice is the first step for you as the customer and patient. A thorough consultation and clarification are the main priority for us in this respect, regardless of whether we are talking about sensible preventative measures, possible treatment options or alternatives, the costs of the treatment, financing or possible risks. You, as our patient and customer, should be able to make the right decision – that’s our objective.

Accuracy and the latest state of knowledge

Quality – for us, this also means accurate, fast and very careful work. For example, we can place veneers for a teeth makeover in just one single sitting. Next to many years of experience, continuous further training also counts towards our quality standards. We catch onto the innovations happening in conjunction with the topic of “natural white teeth” at trade fairs and conferences at home and abroad. The associations that we are a member of are also continuously informing us about current new trends.

Quality of equipment and material

Our practice is equipped with all that today’s modern dentistry has to offer. Thanks to digitalised processes, we can work more carefully and quickly. Here we mainly use state-of-the-art, high performance materials such as biocompatible ceramic or tooth-coloured filling material from the market leader. This is because it’s not only the functional aspect of your teeth that’s important to us but their appearance too. Ultimately, we want your smile to look harmonious and your teeth naturally beautiful. We order dental prostheses for you exclusively at a German specialist laboratory if we cannot produce them in our practice.

Services provided by the Bärenklau dental practice

You, as our patient and customer, should feel a sense of well-being at our practice. That’s why we enhance our dental programme by a number of other services. These include, for example, employee-friendly opening times with our Tuesday evening appointment hour and minimisation of waiting times through digital appointment management. We will however also advise you in all aspects of the financing of your dental services, regardless of whether this is connected to the taking over of costs by your statutory health insurance or private costs you will have to bear. We are also happy to be available for you as a competent partner to talk to your statutory or private health insurer or provide information.

Vor größeren Eingriffen und bei ästhetischen Zahnrestaurationen bzw. Maßnahmen halten wir auf Wunsch den Status vor, während und nach der Behandlung fest. So werden auch für Sie alle vorgenommenen Schritte optisch nachvollziehbar. Auf Wunsch simulieren wir digital dabei auch ein ungefähres Endergebnis. Dies vermittelt Ihnen einen ersten Eindruck davon, wie die ästhetisch hochwertigen Zahnrestaurationen bei Ihnen wirken werden.

Digital documentation

Before more major interventions and in the case of aesthetic dental restorations or steps, if you so desire, we capture the status of your teeth before, during and after the treatment. This way all the steps taken can be optically followed by you too. If you so wish, through this process, we can also simulate the approximate end result digitally. This will give you a first impression of what impact aesthetically high-quality dental restoration will have for you.

What to do in case of an emergency?

It has a tendency to happen over the weekend: a tooth fractures or a bridge becomes loose and toothache sets in. It’s always a good idea to get in touch with your dentist in a case like this. If we are not available, you will find a dentist near you providing service at Notdienst Zahn. On the website, of the Emergency Dental Service, you will find a number of very useful tips for emergencies.

Towards beautiful teeth using high-quality material

This is what customers and patients of the Christian Bärenklau dental practice in Munich can depend on 100%: the team only uses the best products made by the market leaders to not only preserve or repair your teeth sensibly in the medical sense, but also to keep the rows of your teeth harmonious and natural. It’s very important to guarantee an interplay of the teeth and jaw bones which is free of disturbance in this respect. And, of course, preserving your teeth is in itself always at the forefront.

Plastics for dental restoration

Once caries has damaged a tooth, it’s important to restore this quickly so that dangerous bacteria cannot further penetrate to the interior. Tooth-coloured fillings with the finest ceramic particles enable this medical intervention to be optically as “inconsequential” as possible. These dental plastics are available on the market in a number of different variations. What they have in common is: they are well-tolerated by the body, stable and durable as well as being adapted to individual tooth colouring. And they allow tooth damage to be repaired in a way that is as gentle as at all possible as well as connected to as little loss as possible.

Healthy and beautiful teeth using composites

Smaller instances of damage can be repaired using so-called plastic fillings, which harden after processing. The Bärenklau practice team often resort to so-called composites in the area where teeth are visible. These are an important material in aesthetic dentistry and are suited, above all, to smaller and medium-sized damages. In the composite method, a soft composite material (a tooth coloured plastic) is worked into the tooth in layers, whereby each layer is individually hardened using special UV light. This minimises contraction of the filling so that an optimal border seal for the filling is achieved. Through a special fastening technology, which actually comes before the filling, the filling material and the tooth are firmly bonded. In cases of more major damage, inlays, onlays, crowns or partial crowns made of high-quality dental ceramics are used instead of plastic fillings

Dental aesthetics: naturally white teeth through bleaching

Bleaching can be the medium of choice when it comes to whitening healthy well-formed teeth in the medium term. In order to proceed in as gentle a way as possible, bars are made for the patient which he or she can then adapt to individual wearing needs. However, bleaching is not advisable in all situations. First of all, teeth should be naturally intact and free of caries as penetration of the bleaching agent into areas with caries or underneath leaking fillings can lead to further painful damage of the tooth. Careful cleaning before bleaching is also essential – and this is best carried out through professional tooth cleaning in the Bärenklau dental practice.

Dental aesthetics: durable beautiful teeth with 4Ever-White-Veneers

For permanent teeth whitening, the Bärenklau dental practice offers 4Ever-White Veneers made of high quality dental ceramics. The just 0.3 mm thin veneer consists of a biocompatible mixture of kaolin, quartz and feldspar. The veneers will be made and attached in only one session, without an injection or uncomfortable dental impression having to be made. The essential point for a natural result is the interplay of shape, colour and proportions between the face and teeth. Veneers can look artificial if the tooth shape does not blend in with the face in a natural way, and they don’t suit your type of personality. Using a simulation, we will be happy to show you how we plan to modify your teeth in order to achieve the result you desire. We will be happy to offer you personal consultation in this respect.