The secret of being beautiful

For the Bärenklau dental practice in Munich, much more is at stake in the central theme of dental aesthetics than merely beautiful, healthy, white or clean teeth. What counts far more is the overall impression – a harmonious part of the face, a smile that appears consistent because all the proportions work. It’s all the same whether the issue is a prevention programme, isolated dental measures, or even an elaborate treatment plan – aesthetically appealing appearance is always also at the focus for the team working with Christian Bärenklau.

Does it really exist – a formula for beauty?

It’s a fact that very specific proportion values related to the face are decisive in whether we perceive the sight before us as harmonious and “beautiful” or simply don’t. The Bärenklau dental practice team refers to the findings of the renowned US dental aesthetics association, the AACD. The subject of the AACD’s latest further training congress was looking at what factors make for a high quality overall aesthetic impression made up of the areas: teeth, nose, mouth and eyes. Your dentist, Christian Bärenklau brought the amazing finding over to Munich: there is in fact a “formula” for a beautiful face. Teeth are the core element here. In this respect, you can rely on the many years of experience and competence of the Bärenklau dental practice.

Individuality and harmony are the key

What’s important for a naturally beautiful smile is that the teeth are individually suited to the person and his or her characteristics and that they are not standardised. Single teeth that do not suit the overall picture are given special attention. These could be old crowns with metal edging which can become visible after some years or root canal treated teeth that have a dark almost bluish shine to them up to under the gums. Thanks to the latest technology and state-of-the-art procedures, we can usually correct these flaws in just one sitting

How beautiful are my teeth?

An awareness of life and beautiful teeth are inseparably linked. For this little self-test – we call it the ape test – you only need two things: a mirror and a beautiful smile. Pronounce the French word ouistiti (a small ape) loudly and clearly: ui-sti-ti. This is sure to make you smile. Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I like my smile?
  • Are my front teeth straight?
  • Do my teeth have the right length?
  • Is the colour consistent?
  • Are there no recognisable flaws or fractures?
  • Do the edges of the upper front teeth follow the arch of the underlip?
  • Are there no dark points between teeth to be seen?
  • Are the dental arches divided into two equal halves (symmetry)?
  • Are the gums a pale pink colour and only slightly visible?
  • The more questions you answer with “yes”, the better. And the same principle applies to everyone: we look forward to meeting you and will be happy to give you some more tips for a winning smile in the course of our smile consultation.