For patients with limited time

Success in your job calls for time – so you can’t and won’t invest all the time in the world in healthy beautiful teeth. The concept of the Bärenklau dental practice is therefore designed to have no waiting times. In addition, we offer long opening times in order to best respond to your time planning. It goes without saying that we offer you the option of freely determining the dates of your treatment, especially in the case of more extensive treatments, also in view of longer lasting side effects. We will be happy to advise you in this respect.

Save time and be ready to do business straight away

CEREC technology enables us to produce your dental prosthesis in minimal time and nevertheless in high medical quality and accuracy of fit. The benefit for you is obvious: you can make just one single appointment – and save a lot of time. Even more extensive treatment can take place in just a single session. We help provide you with aesthetically sophisticated, dentally impeccable, healthy and functional teeth. Besides, we have an option available for very hurried business patients, consisting of an antidote which neutralises any local anaesthesia which may have been used immediately. Even after a more major intervention, such as root canal treatment, you will immediately be fit for meetings or other professional challenges. And if your appointment diary does not allow any doctors’ appointments during the day, we naturally offer you the evening appointment times.