Competence in Pinholesurgicaltechnique

  • Mid-2014: First Dentist Training on Pinholesurgical Technique (PST) by Dr. Ing. John Chao (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Early 2015: Christian Bärenklau receives license and offers Pinholesurgical Technique as one of the first dentists in Germany, even before there are licenses in Austria, Switzerland and France
  • 2016: permanent scientific exchange of new findings between Dr. med. John Chao and Christian Bärenklau begin. Bärenklau reports in several webinars to a large specialist audience from all over Europe about diverse experiences and healing processes with the Pinholesurgical Technique.
  • End of 2016: Invitation as guest speaker of Dr. Ing. John Chao to the PST Certification Workshop Christian Bärenklau will report to and discuss the field of experience as a user and his healing achievements with the Pinholesurgical Technique as a speaker in front of numerous international dentists, as well as helping to teach the technique to the participants in a hands-on workshop.
  • 2017: Workshop and Guest Speaker in Los Angeles with Dr. med. John Chao (Spring 2017) Christian Bärenklau deepens the latest findings and trains the budding PST users. Growing demand for a “gum lift”, patients from across Europe in practice bear claw.
  • 2018 (spring): Christian Baerenklau, Munich dentist, was one of the first dentists worldwide to participate in advanced pinhole clinician seminars.

“Gum Lifting: The Chances Early Detected

Dentist Christian Bärenklau recognized early on the opportunities that lie in the Pinholesurgical Technique: rapid, minimally invasive remedy for declining gums. For a long time Bärenklau had followed the scientific advances in the field of gum reconstruction – meanwhile the subject of treatment of gingival decline belongs to his specialties. As Dr. When John Chao started training at his Los Angeles center, Bärenklau immediately contacted the “inventor” of the Pinholesurgical Technique to discuss the PST technique and how Dr. Chao patented instruments to learn. The year 2015 had just begun when Christian Bärenklau took the Pinholesurgical training under the supervision of Dr. Ing. John Chao mastered successfully. Incidentally, the Munich dentist was in a prominent position at that time. Edward Zuckerberg, father of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, was training in the Pinholesurgical Technique at the same time. Likewise: the pioneer in the gum reconstruction and eponym of the classification of the gum recessions – Doctor Preston D. Miller, who published his findings in 1985.

The PST Specialization

In spring of 2018 the Munich dentist participated in further specializing seminars. In addition to being in line with the latest scientific findings, there is also plenty of experience in the use of Pinholsurgical Tecnique on subjects such as “Gum Lifting in Miller IV Gingival Recession Grade Patients” (most severe injuries, sometimes loose teeth). Christian Bärenklau has been provided with case studies and topics that have the goal of dealing with problem cases: gum lifting on existing crowns, PST on recessions on implants, treatment of patients with missing or loose teeth – just to name a few. We will be reporting on our blog about the corresponding award after successful participation in this special measure.