Valuable time

Your time is valuable. We know that. That’s why our appointment planning is organised so that you don’t have to plan any waiting times and are usually directed to our state-of-the-art equipped treatment rooms immediately. The treatment units in this area offer a maximum of comfort due to the many ways they can be adjusted. The walls painted in fresh white are a signpost for the message: the main mission here is beautiful, white as well as healthy and vital teeth.

On the way to more beautiful teeth using digital technology

We prepare a digital x-ray for dental diagnosis in our x-ray room with the greatest care and the smallest possible x-ray dose. The image is visible directly on the computer screen and enables valuable in-depth insight into your teeth by both the treating dentist and you yourself.
In manufacturing ceramic crowns and inlays, we have specialised in digital manufacture on the path to beautiful white teeth. We work with Cerec CAD/CAM technology. CAD/CAM is also used by architects in the automotive branch for the construction of new designs. This is why we are in a position to reconstruct a tooth using 3D technology without the customary, often unpleasant dental impression and we can, for example, produce and insert a crown or inlay in only 90 minutes. For you, this means experiencing a short and technically very interesting appointment. You are there live during the construction. Besides, costly, time-consuming temporary appliances connected to a second or third appointment are eliminated and, above all, everything is finished in just one appointment.

See the results beforehand

Your aim is to have beautiful white teeth, but you can’t imagine how you’d look with them? That’s not a problem. The Bärenklau dental practice team is specialised in beautiful white teeth, and we can show you the before and after effect even before treatment using an outstanding simulation programme, which has only been used up to now in the USA by leading beauty dentists. Whether it’s closing a gap, teeth colouring or a complete makeover – you will be surprised at how beautiful teeth can change the way you project yourself for the better. Our continuous further trainings, exchange with leading specialists and participation in international congresses keep us always abreast of the latest developments, for you and your perfect smile.

No need to be afraid of the dentist

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Our friendly, bright reception area and the treatment rooms project a feeling of calm. Our experienced team will take time out to cater to your wishes or worries. Christian Bärenklau, the expert on white teeth, will discuss all the details and steps with you in the consultation room if you so wish. So you’ll know what to expect. And quite soon your fear of the dentist will give way to anticipating healthy and beautiful teeth.