Implants from the practice

What exactly are implants anyway? This is the question the team at the Bärenklau dental practice hear most often when it comes to the titanium screws that are to be placed into the jaw bone. Tooth implants take over the function of an artificial root after the removal of a tooth. They build a firm unit together with the jaw bone after a few months and are then ready for a fitting on which a removable or fixed prosthesis can be fastened.

Provision of implants through the Bärenklau team

Every patient comes to us with different problems and requirements and this is why your dentist, Christian Bärenklau will first of all clarify what type of implant can be provided in a consultation and discussion of your diagnosis:

  • Implants that can be carried out in a relatively uncomplicated maxillofacial intervention will be placed in our practice.
  • In the case of comprehensive or complex implantological provisions and additional measures such as, for example, bone augmentation, we work together with our cooperation partners “Dres. Müller-Hotop, Back & Blume”, who are specialised in oral and maxillofacial surgery. We will be happy to put you in touch with them.
  • After the healing phase, the dental prosthesis will be individually fitted onto your new implants in cooperation with our dental laboratory in Munich.