Healthy gums are beautiful!

Naturally white teeth, which are in a harmonious arch are a prerequisite for a beautiful smile. The second, also important component is a healthy, pale-pink shimmering gums. When it comes to red aesthetics, the point is that this gingiva should be in a natural, beautiful relationship to the teeth. Gum disease and gum disease can cause a variety of disorders of this overall aesthetic image, such as when gums between the teeth are missing and so called black triangles. A big problem – to give a second example – are also exposed tooth necks. They extend the teeth, giving an unnatural picture. Cause is also here gum recession, the unconditional halt should be offered.

Measures of red aesthetics

One of the most important and regularly necessary measures for a naturally healthy and beautiful gum is professional teeth cleaning. The biofilm of tartar and plaque is removed by the team of the dental practice Christian Bärenklau. In periodontal treatment dentist Christian Bärenklau tries to stop the gum shrinkage with flushing; Added to this are bacteria removal with the Airflow powder blaster and thorough cleaning of the periodontal pockets. A very effective measure of red aesthetics for the reconstruction of gums is the Pinhole Surgical Technique by Dr. med. John Chao from Los Angeles, USA. When the team at the Bärenklau practice talks about “gum lift”, it’s all about rebuilding the gingiva on some teeth, or on both jaws, as part of a single session using an innovative technique. Incidentally, dentist Christian Bärenklau was not only one of the first users of the Pinhole Surgical Technique in Germany, but also throughout Europe. He already has a wealth of experience in gum lifting.

Gums – the protection is important

Christian Bärenklau has been studying the gums and their aesthetics for many years. He advises his patients not only to protect their teeth, but also the gingiva. At the same time, the protection of the gums also means health prophylaxis, for example through thorough daily cleaning of the teeth with the brush and floss, as well as regular professional teeth cleaning in practice.