Aesthetics: white teeth are beautiful!

Why do you want to have white teeth? The answer is very simple: white teeth signify vitality, love of life and, above all, health. They are a symbol of success and beauty at the same time – and add significantly more value to your facial area. It’s a fact that teeth are more radiantly white, the healthier and thicker the tooth enamel is. This hard protective coat of minerals surrounds the tooth crown as well as dentine, and its colour is genetically pre-programmed to determine our individual “white colouring”.

What leads to discoloration?

Discoloration of white teeth through plaque is often cited in advertisements for toothpastes – very often as a precursor to the feared caries which is often what, above all, worries nervous patients the most. However, did you know that drinks such as coffee, black tea, red wine, nicotine and food such as blueberries, but also specific medication can significantly discolour teeth from the inside? Here, very fine colour particles are deposited onto to worn-out parts of the enamel and form unattractive stains over time. And yes, there is also a possibility that colouring from specific medication such as antibiotics or psychotropic drugs reach the teeth via the blood. This can deposit onto to the teeth and also be responsible for discolouring.

Beautiful and healthy teeth – protection is important

Christian Bärenklau, who has been involved in white teeth and the aesthetics related to them for many years, advises patients to protect their teeth. Protecting white teeth also means ill-health prevention, for example, through thorough daily cleaning of your teeth with a brush and dental floss as well as regular professional tooth cleaning at the practice.

Stains caused by tooth displacement

This can cause some crooked teeth to appear darker than they really are. There are numerous gentle and, above all, painless procedures possible in these cases – good news for any nervous patients. In an individual consultation on the premises of the Bärenklau practice in Munich, you will learn more about the paths to healthy beautiful white teeth.