Dental prostheses from the specialist

If a tooth is badly damaged or even lost, then the team at the Bärenklau dental practice will work out an individual treatment plan for a dental prosthesis following detailed and thorough diagnosis. Implants, bridges, crowns or partial crowns, or a full prosthesis – the solutions on offer and the costs related to these will then be discussed with you personally. We also offer made-to-measure financing solutions through reputable partners for all of our treatments.

A frequent dental prosthesis: a full or partial crown

The name “crown” says it all: what’s meant is a dental prosthesis that is set onto a drilled down tooth – like a crown on the head of the king. In order to guarantee a perfect fit on the tooth, durability and a firm and comfortable bite, the crown is accurately glued to the filed down tooth. As crowns are a frequent choice of dental prosthesis, they are available in a wide range of variants – for example in high-quality dental ceramics, which is very similar to the natural tooth and which we recommend on aesthetic grounds, especially in visible areas. In the case of teeth which show less damage, there is the option of crowning a part of the tooth with so-called partial crowns.

Bridges: firmly attached to abutment teeth

A “bridge” does actually do what the name says: it bridges a gap between two teeth. If there are gaps in a set of teeth, these should be closed if possible in order to restore full chewing function, achieve an appealing appearance and enable normal speech function. A fixed dental prosthesis is generally more expensive than a removable one, it’s true, but that’s why the feeling of bite and comfort is a lot better. If a gap is larger and more difficult to provide for with the help of a bridge, a solution relying on implants can be another option. All this is part of a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan in which the team at the Bärenklau practice will endeavour to give your best smile back again.