Gummy Smile

Even if one might suspect it at first glance: With rubber this tooth-aesthetic technical term has nothing to do. Rather, it is derived from the English for “gums” and means something like gum smile. Probably the most famous Gummy Smile in the world can be observed with Julia Roberts; the US actress has made it her trademark.

Embossed by the anterior tooth line

Normally, the upper lip contour reaches only the gum line when smiling. If more than about 3 mm gums are visible, dentist Christian Bärenklau speaks of a “gum smile”. Of course, this is graduated gradually. For a aesthetics decisive here is the course of the so-called anterior tooth line (smile line). This is the connecting line of the tips of the upper incisors. The English term smile line already reveals that this anterior tooth line decisively shapes the human smile.

The Gummy Smile: Causes and Effects

In the case of a pronounced Gummy Smile, you often see too much red gums even with only a small mouth opening. This can have different causes: too short an upper lip, possibly in combination with quite short incisors and an excess of gums. It is also possible overdevelopment of the upper lip of the upper limb – or an adhesion of upper lip and gums, which makes this even with almost closed mouth visible and can negatively impact the face. The consequence is clear: one speaks only with certain inhibitions, one no longer dares to smile naturally and “show the teeth”.

Gingivoplasty, gingivectomy and 4Ever White Veneers

If necessary, a gingivoplasty – a gum correction – or a gingivectomy, the removal of excess gum. The healing after such a laser intervention takes about three days. Too small teeth can permanently increase the team of the Bärenklau dental practice with only 0.3 mm thick 4Ever White Veneers . After application with a special adhesive, the proportions are then in proportion to the gums again. In case of overdeveloped upper limb lift muscle, a plastic surgeon may consider myotomy – but only after a preliminary consultation. The hoisting muscle is weakened by a small procedure so that the upper lip no longer releases the entire gum. This is also possible with a Botox injection. Very rare are cosmetic cases of Gummy Smile, in which a maxillofacial surgeon, e.g. must store a part of the upper jaw higher.