Digitized practice

The equipment provided by the Bärenklau dental practice fulfils several criteria at once. For one thing, a pleasant atmosphere of warmth and trust is created for patients. For another, what’s important of course is to rectify dental problems using the latest methods in the gentlest, but also most efficient, possible way. Modern technology not only often enables minimally invasive methods for doing this, but also a quick path to healthy and beautiful teeth.

Successful treatments using the newest equipment

Of course it’s not only our patients who expect technical equipment to always be up to date. In what follows, you will gain an overview of the equipment highlights of our practice.


The team at the Bärenklau practice relies on the time-saving CEREC process for dental restoration. This was developed over 20 years ago – and has constantly been improved in terms of medical technology. The benefit for you: you will get your ceramic inlay, partial or even full crown in only one sitting – with amazing accuracy of fit and precision. Through digitally capturing the tooth and immediately preparing the prosthesis, uncomfortable dental impressions and the exhausting time of wearing a temporary appliance are eliminated.

Digital x-ray: gentle and non-harmful

If any conspicuous features do come to our attention, a digital x-ray will be taken. The digital method has a number of benefits. You will see the result immediately in a razor-sharp rendering on the computer screen. And more than this: you are exposed to far less radiation than with a customary x-ray device.

Naturally white and healthy teeth at the same time, using Airflow

The Airflow air abrasion device not only removes tooth discoloration which can result from coffee, tea or smoking by means of a water and baking soda mixture. It also removes harmful plaque and tartar that cannot be removed with normal toothbrushes. The Bärenklau dental practice team recommends this professional preventative tooth cleaning with Airflow every six to twelve months depending on the requirement.

Magnifying spectacles: best with maximum focus depth

Magnifying spectacles are an indispensible tool for dentists. They combine the features of a magnifying glass with those of glasses. A quality feature of our magnifying spectacles is the maximum focus depth. This guarantees the best possible working distance “in depth”. The working area is shown to such a magnified degree that it is possible to carry out treatment with striking precision. The smallest holes and defects can be detected.

Root canal length measurement to designate the root canal

At the beginning of root canal treatment, the dentist, Christian Bärenklau, has to take measurements. The electronic probe (apex locator) measures the length and position of the root canal to be treated. This procedure is known as root canal preparation. This is often also used in conjunction with x-ray shots. This way the optimal apex point for so-called root canal preparation can be determined.