Treatment according to plan

In order to keep your teeth healthy in the long term, we follow a structured treatment concept. In addition to an initial consultation in which we consider your wishes in detail, as well as the current condition of your teeth, this consists of the following steps:

Initial examination:

It’s very important for the Bärenklau dental team to set up all treatment steps onto a healthy teeth foundation. During the initial examination, your teeth will be screened, using a special LED diagnostic lamp. No need to be nervous – it doesn’t hurt. With the help of the strong light, it’s possible to look into the inner area of the teeth and immediately see if there are any disorders in the tooth structure or beginning caries. If nothing can be seen, that’s great. In that case, we’ll just see to it that you keep your beautiful teeth with an individual prevention plan and, we’re also happy to plan this for the long term.

Digital X-ray: soft and gentle

If a diagnosis becomes apparent, a digital x-ray is taken. Digital – that has several advantages. You see the result immediately and crisp on the computer screen. And: You are exposed to a much lower radiation exposure compared to a conventional X-ray device.

A healthy foundation for more beautiful teeth

In a first step, acute gum or tooth diseases will be treated. Prevention is at the forefront of every therapy. Here, deposits and discolorations will be removed and bacteria and infections tackled, which could otherwise lead to gum recession and loss of bone. Because the point is to build up on a healthy foundation. At the same time, other aspects are discussed: is there a gap or a crooked or darkened tooth that has been bothering you for a while? Do you have functional problems? We listen to you and suggest a number of options for solving any dental problem you may have. It’s very important at this stage to think about your wishes and objectives together in order to come to a decision which will make you happy in the long term. We’re happy to make time for you.

Your therapy: time saving even in just one session

Your time is often limited – we know that. That’s why we keep the number of sessions down to a minimum. Depending on what method we decide on, we can usually rebuild teeth without a temporary appliance and without a dental impression in one session thanks to digital 3D technology in most cases. The path to natural, white, functional and beautiful dental restoration should be linked to the least possible effort on your part. The important thing then is to maintain the beautiful result and dental health through tight knit follow-up care and preventative appointments. It’s best if we discuss all these aspects on the premises of our practice. This is where we also calculate the treatment costs and can discuss various financing options if need be.