Patient and customer

With us you are more than just a patient. We regard you as our customer for whom we want to provide our dental and aesthetic services to the utmost satisfaction. The advances of recent years in dentistry make it possible in many cases to treat gently, quickly and thereby aesthetically and above all high quality. The classic fear of the dentist can really belong to the past.
The team of the dental practice Bärenklau is on the way to natural white healthy and beautiful teeth for:
Competence and quality
We are not resting on our experience of many years of dental and dental aesthetic work. In addition to ongoing training, high-quality equipment in practice and technical innovations in the field of dentistry and dental aesthetics are among our points of competence. Our offer is especially aimed at Best Ager. Our competence points also include a top modern equipment.

Personal atmosphere and meaningful service

Many of our patients or customers, as regular visitors, appreciate the personal approach and service on the way to more beautiful teeth. The Bärenklau team is not only looking forward to your first visit – but also if you visit us again and again. A detailed and intensive consultation forms for us the framework for first-class dentistry.


Our prophylactic room we also like to call the feel-good room, because of the relaxing atmosphere, which is created here by a deliberate color scheme. Here our prophylaxis specialist will help you to a squeak clean tooth feeling with experienced and gentle hands. It is one of our priorities to keep our teeth looking their best – and of course to preserve white, beautiful teeth.


For all treatments, besides the function, the most perfect appearance of your teeth is important to us. An aesthetic and natural tooth care – we understand this, for example the elimination of dark fillings, e.g. made of amalgam.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation
The best possible solution to your dental problem can also be found in cooperation with our network of specialists in maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics.