After pinhole surgery

Patients need to remember that a gum lift by the patented pinhole surgical technique (PST) according to Dr. John Chao is a long-term, scientific and standardized method of treatment. Even though the pinhole surgery is minimally invasive and comparatively painless, the patient should allow his or her gums sufficient time to heal and solidify. By definition, a gum lift using the pinhole surgical technique remains a surgery.

Pinhole surgical technique: The tissue needs time to heal

The gum lift specialist Christian Bärenklau and his team will provide you with a number of strategies for ensuring satisfactory healing after pinhole surgery, a list of so-called “post-op” instructions to be observed for six weeks. These instructions must be strictly followed for PST to be successful; they are to your benefit. Like with any other operation, the gums should not undergo mechanical stress in the healing phase after a gum lift, whether it be taking a big bite out of an apple or gritting your teeth while lifting. Anything that can cause the sensitive tissue to move should be avoided, lifting your lips or inspecting your gums is not necessary and also not helpful. Patients must not probe their gums with their fingers to check the progress of healing. All outside stimulation should be avoided. Christian Bärenklau will examine each PST patient at regular intervals after surgery and inform them of the progress of healing. The goal is for the restored gingiva to resume its long-term protective function quickly and contribute toward a lasting, aesthetically attractive smile.

Instructions 6 weeks download