PST: gum lifting

Why is gum loss or gingival recession both a medical and aesthetic problem? A look in the mirror reveals that the exposed tooth neck is only minimally protected by the gingiva. In many cases, the gingiva becomes thin and takes on the appearance of parchment. Once the tooth neck becomes exposed with little or no protection, the teeth are much more sensitive to hot or cold food and beverages. Tooth hypersensitivity occurs. Once gum loss is underway, the gingiva becomes increasingly thinner if the recession is not stopped. At a certain point, the loss of gingiva also leads to depletion of the underlying jaw bone. The first step is to discover the causes, be they medical in nature such as periodontitis, or technical. For example, nightly teeth grinding (bruxism) or incorrect toothbrushing can cause gums to recede.

Pinholesurgicaltechnique to the rescue

Pinhole surgical technique (PST), an innovative treatment method that was developed in the United States by Dr. Chao may help. The goal of this technique is to restore the gum with available gum tissue and intact bone of the jaw by thickening the tissue. The good news is that for years, Christian Bärenklau has been a licensed specialist in this nearly pain-free, rapid and minimally invasive technique, also termed gum lifting.

Lifting the gums with the pinhole surgical technique

Gum reconstruction used to be very time-consuming. Pieces of tissue needed to be removed from the gums and transplanted to the designated locations. Not only was this very painful, it was also associated with major swelling. For American dentist Dr. John Chao, this was an inducement to develop the innovative pinhole surgical technique and patent both the method and related instruments. The pinhole surgical technique, which has proven effective over many years, means more than reduced pain and reduced complications that may arise during healing. It also reduces the number and duration of appointments. In general, an average treatment does not last more than 60 minutes. With the minimally-invasive pinhole surgical technique, the upper and lower jaw can sometimes be treated together in just one session. The access hole usually closes up by the next day. Of course, it should be remembered that every patient’s situation is different.

Pinhole Surgical Technique: Benefits

Your benefits include:

  • Less time: The pinhole surgical technique can generally be performed in a single session.
  • Fast healing: You don’t have to miss work, since there is little pain and swelling from the pinhole surgical technique.
  • Minimal risk: No incisions or sutures in the pinhole surgical technique, and therefore less potential complications.
  • With the pinhole surgical technique, healing is fast, including the access hole.
  • The gums remain secure in their new position after the pinhole surgical technique (assuming that the proper brushing method is used).
  • The pinhole surgical technique is patented and has been successfully practiced in the United States for a decade.
  • Excellent results and pleasing aesthetics
  • Since the treatment is minimally invasive, it frequently only takes 30 to 60 minutes.