Well-planned treatment – Dentist Christian Bärenklau and his team have followed this philosophy for many years. What does this mean? The practice team first ensures that your teeth and gums have an underlying healthy foundation. Only when this is guaranteed, primarily thanks to regular professional teeth cleaning, can cosmetic treatment be planned. The focus of our practice team is on maintaining your dental health and dental function in combination with cosmetic dental treatment.

Our basic requirement: Mutual Trust

All members of the Dental Practice Bärenklau team see themselves as service providers. As a patient, guest, and client, you can depend on us to provide an optimal solution for your dental or cosmetic issues while receiving the best possible treatment. We do not differentiate between a patient with statutory health insurance and private health insurance because we are as pleased as you are when we can permanently solve your dental or cosmetic problems to your complete satisfaction. While we at Dental Practice Bärenlkau appreciate customer feedback, the keeping of arranged appointments, openness and cooperation enables us to achieve successful treatment results together. When both sides act in a reliable and active manner, functioning as a team, the best possible results can be obtained. Mutual trust and cooperation are the pillars on which our philosophy is founded. Therefore, we also reserve the right to refuse treatment if we feel that these basic requirements are not met. Then, from our viewpoint, strength lies in the ability to say no.

Expertise and Quality

The team at Dental Practice Bärenklau supports you with its expertise and quality on your journey to naturally beautiful, healthy, white teeth. Despite our many years of experience in dental and cosmetic treatment, we always strive to do better. We carry out consultations using the two-person rule, continue to educate ourselves on a regular basis, and ensure that the practice technology and equipment is always state-of-the-art. These are the objectives that we have set ourselves and from which you benefit.

Order and Cleanliness

At Dental Practice Bärenklau, the diligent application of suitable hygiene measures is a matter of course, and it is given the highest priority. At times, we spend up to 12 hours a day cleaning the practice, also for our comfort. We work using the latest dental hygiene technology. We have also implemented a stringent quality management system. Even later in the day, our clients experience our practice rooms in the same way as early in the morning – as fresh and clean as the teeth we treat. Our beloved cleaner (along with others) takes care of this as part of her full-time position.

Personal Atmosphere and Meaningful Service

Being regular visitors to our practice, many of our clients appreciate a personalized approach and service on their way to beautiful teeth. This also includes short waiting times and a personal greeting! The team at Dental Practice Bärenklau is not only pleased to see you at your first appointment but also when you drop in on us with a smile on your face. In our opinion, comprehensive and intensive consultations create the framework for first-class dentistry. We are always more than happy to give you the time your case requires!

Preserving your Natural Teeth

We like to call our prophylaxis room the feel-good room thanks to its relaxing atmosphere. Here, our prophylaxis specialists, with their experienced and gentle hands, ensure you leave with squeaky clean teeth. The use of high-quality products and state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with precisely planned treatment processes, enables us to be true to our philosophy: preserve natural teeth whenever possible while maintaining beautiful and naturally white teeth.


During all treatments, we are not only concerned about improving the functionality of your teeth, but also ensuring that they look perfect. Dental treatment with results that are both esthetically pleasing and look as natural as possible – by this we mean, for example, no use of dark filling materials, e.g., amalgam or crowns with a metal core. For us, the term “perfect” means creating a smile that naturally accentuates your personality but does not outshine it. This includes, for example, optimization using 4Ever-White Veneers, which are barely noticeable. And because these veneers are so unnaturally flawless, we incorporate small imperfections to improve the overall look and make it as natural as possible. This is the art of intricate and customized handcrafted work.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation

Payment Plans for Comprehensive Treatments

You can often be faced with unexpected costs, especially if more comprehensive treatment is suggested. This should never be a reason for anyone to not proceed with necessary dental treatment or sensible cosmetic treatments. In cooperation with our invoicing service provider, Health AG, we offer the possibility of payment by installments. The other good news is that this can be spread out over 12 monthly payments with no additional charges. Direct financing is also possible via our partner dentapart. We would be happy to advise you personally on this.