Professional tooth cleaning

In time, a bio film develops on all teeth. This is made up of tartar and plaque which can significantly damage your teeth. This is because there are millions of bacteria nested in these yellowy-brown deposits. They are the cause of periodontitis and caries. In order to prevent this damage of the tooth substance and jaw bone, we recommend regular check-ups at our dental practice, at least twice a year. In a preventative session, professional tooth cleaning will then be carried out by our specialists who have received special training and further training in preventative measures.

This is what happens during professional tooth cleaning

At the beginning of your preventative session, a thorough examination of the inside of the mouth takes place in order to detect existing damage to teeth and gums. Afterwards, the prevention specialist will ask you about your cleaning techniques and habits and perhaps show you some tips in this respect. Finally, she will go through the individual steps of the professional tooth cleaning, among other things, treatment with Airflow and/or cleaning by hand. As a last step, polishing with a soft rubber brush will be carried out and fluoride will be applied to your teeth. What then remains is a well-groomed, radiant smile and you will leave the practice with perfect, smooth, clean teeth, which are whiter again too.

Bacteria attack

Even though it goes without saying that you use your toothbrush and dental floss every day, difficult places such as gingival pockets and interdental spaces offer all types of bacteria an ideal living space through being hard to reach during cleaning. A large number of international studies have found that these bacteria are the main reason for caries, bad breath and periodontitis with bone loss. This bone loss is, so far, irreversible; in other words, it cannot be healed and leads to an early loss of teeth.