Beautiful teeth for a new attitude to life

Numerous scientific studies show that perfect teeth and a naturally radiant smile can also make the difference when it comes to career opportunities. Because one thing is clear: in times when qualifications are often equal, charisma is ultimately also a decisive factor. And there is simply a tick more of this with aesthetic teeth and a winning smile. At the same time, beautiful teeth also create a more youthful appearance and make for a completely new attitude to life as letters and e-mails from our thankful patients prove.

Our dental aesthetics: objective criteria

When it comes to the central area of dental aesthetics, Christian Bärenklau lays very strict criteria on his team and on his own work too. This begins with a consultation with the patient. Often the first question is: what actually are beautiful teeth? What revolves around “dental aesthetics”? There are, and this is the answer to the question, many entirely objective criteria. Apart from a light tooth colour which suits the person – something that can be determined by an individual colour analysis – these are the position of the teeth, their shape, the surface texture of teeth, the quality of the gums and the right proportions when you are smiling. Discolorations, especially in the area of the front teeth through smoking, broken teeth or a so-called gummy smile – a smile where too much of the gums is visible – are all things which affect how the person opposite you perceives you. The smallest mistake is enough, a gap or a black spot in the dental arch, a slightly twisted front tooth and already the aesthetics are perceived as limited.