One session

4EVER-WHITE dentist studio Christian Bärenklau in Munich creates and applies filigree custom-made veneers made of high-performance translucent ceramics, directly before your eyes and in just one single treatment session. After one single session, all of our treatment is fully completed.

Durability of ceramics

These are processed until wafer-thin. They are of an extremely high quality in addition to being particularly durable. Only the very finest ceramic quality can imitate the beauty and surface structure of natural teeth. Synthetic materials are not suited for attaining such results.


Waiting periods of many weeks and additional laboratory work, as well as repeated appointments are definitely not needed. As no additional costs are incurred by external labs and temporary prostheses, 4 Ever White veneers Munich can be offered at an affordable price.

Unique pieces

We offer you custom-made, high-precision manufacturing, developed by computer and individualised by hand. The tooth colour is selected in cooperation with the patients, and can be picked from a broad colour palette that has been aligned to complement the personality as well as skin, eye and hair colour of the patient. Thus every 4EVER-WHITE case is unique.


The material used by us is harder and more resistant to abrasion than the tooth itself – weakened teeth can thus be stabilised once again. Your own tooth is preserved and strengthened underneath the ceramic veneer. This is particularly beneficial for teeth that tend to brittleness and fragility. The function is stabilised and can – if necessary – be restored once again.


As the healthy tooth substance does not need to be ground down and the teeth thus remain unchanged underneath the veneers, the procedure can be reversed. This is not possible with conventional veneers. An additional benefit is the excellent biological tolerability. The high-glaze ceramic surface prevents the formation of plaque and thus prevents gingivitis.