The pinholesurgicaltechnique against gum loss

Before pinhole surgery was invented, previous methods of gingiva restoration were very involved, painful and involved major swelling. These risks are minimized with pinhole surgery. The new pinhole surgery technique, which has been successful for years, functions according to a simple principle. Under local anesthesia, a small access hole (pinhole) is created in the tooth necks affected by gum loss. Using a special instrument, the existing gingiva is carefully loosened in the pinhole surgical technique and then lifted into its new position. In the pinhole surgical technique, special collagen membranes are inserted through the access hole to fix the gingiva in the new position. This usually does not take more than 60 minutes. In general, the upper, lower or even both jaws can be treated with minimally-invasive, almost completely pain-free PST. The PST access hole usually closes up by the next day.

Benefits of the pinhole surgical technique:

  • Fast healing, no time off from work, minimal pain and swelling.
  • No incisions, no sutures and fewer risks.
  • Fast healing of the access hole.
  • The gingiva heals quickly in its new position and remains fixed (given the proper toothbrushing technique).
  • The pinhole surgical technique is patented and has been successfully practiced in the United States for a decade.
  • Excellent results and pleasing aesthetics.
  • Since the treatment is minimally invasive, it frequently only takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Many reasons for a gum lift

The aesthetic reasons for a gum lift using the pinhole surgical technique are obvious. A disharmony visible upon smiling is generated by insufficient gingiva. Long tooth necks make people look older they are. There are also concrete dental reasons for pinhole surgical gum-lifting, such as the protective function of the gums on the tooth neck and the jaw bone underneath. In many cases, the gums are already very thin and can be reconstituted by a gum lift through pinhole surgery. As our esteemed patient and gum lift customer using the pinhole surgical technique, please bear in mind the following: Prior to performing PST, a detailed, thorough and non-binding consultation with dentist Christian Bärenklau is required. Before the team at the Munich office can use the patented pinhole surgical technique (PST) by Dr. John Chao, dentist Christian Bärenklau needs to know the following: Is a gum lift right for you? Even though such a technique is minimally invasive, it is still a form of surgery that is subject to certain prerequisites and costs.