Gum lifting with the pinhole surgical technique

Gum loss or gingival regression is a problem for many reasons. The obvious reason is that exposed tooth necks are unsightly, making people look older than they are. In addition, a weakened periodontium facilitates hazardous diseases such as bone degradation and potential tooth loss. A pioneering new solution exists for both the medical and aesthetic problem: an innovative treatment method, the pinhole surgical technique (PST), by Dr. Chao. The good news is that Christian Bärenklau is a licensed specialist in this nearly pain-free, rapid and minimally invasive technique, gum lifting with the pinhole surgical technique.

Pinholesurgicaltechnique: remaining results

Exposed tooth necks are clearly observable in the two pictures on the left. These pictures were taken before gum lifting with pinhole surgery. The necks are exposed from gum loss. The “parchment paper effect” is easily discernible. The gums are extremely thin and vulnerable and therefore react sensitively to external influences as gum loss progresses. In the pictures on the right, it is clear that the gums are solid, pink and have good circulation; in a word, they look healthy. A long-term study of pinhole surgery with 43 patients reveals that the treatment is successful in the long term. Gum lifting with the pinhole surgical technique is medically and aesthetically effective. Testimony to this effect is provided in the renowned International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry (edition 32/2012, p. 521 et seq.). Of the 16 male and 27 female PST patients, around 94% remained satisfied with the aesthetic and dental results of gum lifting in the long term study by Dr. John Chao one year (and more) after surgery. Following pinhole surgery, the dental roots remained covered in 81% of the cases, which is considered a major achievement by experts. Thus it comes as no surprise that the pinhole surgical technique is patented.
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