Special services

Next to our focus on dental aesthetics and business patients, the team at the Bärenklau dental practice offers other service concepts:

Services for nervous patients

The relaxing atmosphere at the Christian Bärenklau dental practice is designed so that nervous patients don’t feel as if they are in a “typical” practice, but are rather surrounded by a feeling of well-being. The subdued colours indicate that we place a great deal of value on sensitive, painless dental treatment. We take care to make your treatment as gentle and positive as is possible. Nervous patients are supported by our team in a caring way, and through our state-of-the-art treatment methods, using laser, special implants and an inter-oral camera as well as low radiation digital x-ray, you need not have any fear of pain. Please let us know as soon as possible (preferably the first time you telephone to make contact) if you are nervous about the dentist. It’s very important that we take the time and tranquillity necessary to create a relaxing atmosphere for all our nervous patients.

Laser treatment – especially gentle

Especially in the case of smaller interventions, we are happy to offer laser treatment as an alternative. Laser dental treatments are gentle and involve little loss of blood and little pain. The electromagnetic waves kill off the majority of germs and generally enable quicker healing of wounds. This is an advantage, especially in root canal treatment and smaller surgical interventions on soft tissue. The team at the Bärenklau dental practice achieves optimal results, also in the case of gum alignment or correction such as in the case of a “gummy smile”.

CEREC-digital technology

Using the CEREC computer system, it is possible to produce tooth coloured ceramic fillings or crowns in just one session at the dental practice. CEREC allows placement of ceramic inlays, partial crowns and even full crowns, with the highest possible precision. Through immediate production – without bothersome dental impressions – the exhausting time wearing a temporary appliance is eliminated.

Emergency Service

Outside of our opening times, the dental emergency service is available for you on weekends and holidays. You can find the practice on duty by clicking on the following link: Emergency Dental Service