Teeth correction using aligners

Not only discoloured or damaged teeth can be annoying troublemakers in an otherwise beautiful tooth image. Crookedly placed teeth do not exactly make for an aesthetically appealing impression. The Bärenklau dental practice in Munich therefore relies on an established, gentle, non-harmful and, at the same time, invisible means of teeth correction: so-called aligner systems.

Straight teeth using an invisible bar

A transparent “correction bar” is ideal, especially for adults that are in the middle of their occupational life and want to avoid irritation through visible braces. It nestles onto the teeth like a thin plastic skin and is not obstructive during speech. And the bar nevertheless corrects most gaps, inversions in the front teeth area or tooth rotations within 3 to 6 months, at least to the extent that the result is a satisfying picture in terms of dental aesthetics. The bar therapy can also serve as preliminary treatment prior to provision with veneers in order to achieve an optimal result.