Tooth correction with aligners

Not only discoloured or damaged teeth can be a nuisance in an otherwise beautiful dental picture. Crooked teeth also do not make for an aesthetically pleasing impression. Misaligned teeth often cause a great deal of suffering, as it is not easy to smile when the teeth are crooked or the bite is gapped. If you are not satisfied with your smile, you do not always have to think about veneers. Often the smile can be optimised with gentle orthodontics thanks to a transparent splint and then whitened with bleaching. For this reason, the Bärenklau dental practice in Munich has been using a proven, gentle and at the same time invisible aid for correcting teeth for many years: so-called aligner systems.

Necessary medical measure

It should be said right away that aligner therapy is more than just an “aesthetic correction”. German law defines the correction of malocclusions as a dental treatment. Consequently, aligner treatments should also only be carried out by orthodontists or dentists such as the Bärenklau practice team in Munich, as the change in tooth position represents an intervention in particular in the periodontium.

Straight teeth with an invisible splint

Especially for adults who are in the middle of their working lives and want to avoid irritation caused by visible braces, a transparent “corrective splint” is ideal. It hugs the teeth like a thin plastic skin and does not interfere with speech. And yet, within 3 to 6 months, the splint corrects most gaps, misalignments in the anterior region or rotations of the teeth, at least to the extent that the result is aesthetically satisfactory. The splint therapy can also serve as a pre-treatment for the treatment with veneers in order to achieve an optimal result.

Consultation necessary before splint treatment

Such an “aligner therapy”, as the splint treatment is medically called, is associated with a certain effort both in terms of time and cost. Before any aligner treatment, extensive diagnostics are of course required in order to achieve an ideal result in the form of teeth that are as straight and beautifully positioned as possible. The team at the Bärenklau dental practice will be happy to answer your questions and, above all, to provide you with a detailed consultation. In our aesthetic consultation we want to find out what you want and what bothers you. We discuss all options, work out an individual therapy plan and decide together what is the best solution for your very individual dental situation.

3 D Planning

When the therapy choice is made for an invisible splint, we can start. The first step is the planning phase, where impressions are a thing of the past. Thanks to our digital practice, teeth are scanned and visualised with a 3D intraoral scanner. This data is basis of your individual treatment plan. As soon as the result is available, we can look at the 3D planning and simulation together and analyse the planned movements. This also determines the wearing time and the cost of the treatment.

Start of the invisible treatment

After a short time, the transparent splint is made and the treatment can begin. On average, the treatment takes 6 months until you have a new, beautiful smile. Important: Like all treatment methods in our practice, aligner therapy is at the cutting edge of dental progress.

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Especially with orthodontic measures, it is important not to disregard the function – i.e. not only to aim for an aesthetic result, but always to keep an eye on the jaw joints and the gums. Overly invasive methods can lead to gum recession and if the jaw joints and the bite are not integrated, functional disorders can occur. This makes it all the more important to consider this in advance. For patients with functional diagnostic problems, we therefore rely on the cooperation of our orthodontic experts.
Benefit from our expert knowledge, we look forward with you to your radiant and healthy new smile!