Beautiful smile with veneers

If you have yellow teeth, your teeth are crooked, too short, patchy or misshapen, veneers can help you to get a better quality of life. Generally for every human to be Smile with whitening and orthodontic treatment , however can not achieve the desired success. A beautiful and natural result is achieved when the salmon bow (the teeth visible when laughing) is uniform and harmonious in shape, size and color. A break between the natural tooth and the veneers should not be visible, especially if the color difference is very large. The best results are shown in the placement of 8-10 veneers per jaw. 4EVER-WHITE makes veneers from a special and unique high performance ceramics . In the production this reaches a hardness that is three times as strong as the actual tooth substance. The adhesives used make the veneer and tooth merge into an inseparable unit. Thus, any pressure applied to the tooth is distributed not only to the veneer but to the entire tooth.

Veneers: Long Lasting

Veneers according to the 4EVER-WHITE method are a durable solution, and can last for many years if properly used and maintained. Studies have shown that within a period of 15 years, the loss of individual veneers is 3-5%. Please note that veneers used at a young age may need to be replaced in the course of life. By the way: The oral hygiene is important for beautiful and healthy teeth, whether you have veneers or not. In order to enjoy your 4ever-white smile for a long time, in addition to the yearly Tooth cleaning Also use dental floss daily to keep the gaps clean and protect against decay and inflammation. After many years of experience in the manufacture and use of veneers, we can conclude that problems arise when patients put a lot of pressure on the teeth, crunch, or bite on hard objects (eg, bones, cores, pens, etc .). Assure your veneers only what your natural teeth would endure.