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We deeply care for your most beautiful smile! Therefore, the team at the Christian Bärenklau dental practice offers a video consultation for all those who would have a long journey or would like to have a quick expertise first – due to the current situation without visiting the practice personally. Of course such a video consultation does not replace the personal and trustful conversation between dentist and patient or customer. However, in the course of the corona pandemic, it is the first cautious analysis that offers at least the possibility of being able to make an initial assessment of the problem by our team, for example with regard to time planning.

Who may need video consultation?

  • We conceived this service focussing on our international clientele with a need for long distance travel.
  • You wish to correct crooked or too short teeth permanently and regain your most beautiful smile – for example with 4Ever White Veneers or invisible tooth correction.
  • You suffer from nightly teeth grinding (bruxism) and want to discuss the consequences or therapy options, e.g. with botulinum toxin for muscle relaxation
  • You have general questions about the aesthetics of your teeth, such as your tooth colour or the position of your dental arch, the colour of possible inlays or crowns.

How much does ist cost?

  • We charge a fee of 69 Euro for each consultation. It can be settled via PAYPAL.

Why a video consultation?

  • We deeply care for your most beautiful smile! During the video consultation, we can concentrate entirely on your problem, without the naturally occurring disturbances of ongoing treatments.
  • You will benefit from more than ten years of experience from numerous cases with patients from all over the world and thus receive first-hand expertise.
  • You save the journey and time in uncertain times – and you have the security that your (dental aesthetic) concern will nevertheless immediately be in the best hands.

Our video consultation is a general consultation, but in no way constitutes a diagnosis and does not replace a medical examination.

What does a video consultation offer to you?

  • If you send us an (X-ray) image in advance by e-mail, we can use it to carry out an initial status analysis with you, e.g. with regard to tooth misalignment and the possibilities of aesthetic correction.
  • We use one of your facial portrait photos with your smile to create a before-and-after simulation, e.g. through veneers – a kind of road map to your beautiful and natural smile.

  • Any further questions regarding the perfect aesthetics of your teeth can be answered immediately and online, for example, whether upgrading with 4Ever White Veneers is an option for you.
  • It goes without saying that a video consultation is confidential and personal. All data pass through multiple secured areas. The data protection is guaranteed. Since it is an individual consultation, it is also ensured that nobody else can listen in.
  • For time reasons, a video appointment is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.

To check in for the video consultation:

    We will be happy to reserve and confirm your personal and non-binding video appointment!

    photo (jpg) with your mobile phone and send it by e-mail if you don’t have a scanner!


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